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#Change Resilience

Your Personal Change Readiness Assessment

The luxury of “today can be the same as yesterday”, simply doesn’t exist anymore – if you want to remain in business. That is why the ability to change is written into the DNA of every successful company.

Yet business change is 100% reliant on how well those who work in that business are able to accept and adapt to those changes. Change resilience isn’t just a nice to have. It is a critical success factor for every business.

Boardroom decisions on changes need water cooler-level change management strategies to ensure that all changes, not just the easy ones, are embraced.

In the end it all comes down to how well each individual in your team can cope with change. That is why we’ve created a simple tool called the Change Readiness Assessment.

PoPIA: The 8 Conditions for Lawful Processing of Personal Information

From it you will learn

  • How well you do with change;
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to change;
  • The 12 competency areas that determine your change readiness; and
  • Things you can do to improve your own change readiness.

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Your Personal Change Readiness Assessment

is a Score Card to see how well you do with change and whether you can consider yourself a change leader.

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to make it easier for you to manage transitions within your own company.

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